The creativity factory

Having our own workshop affords us to be independent and flexible in the way we cut our stone and create our large-format ceramic tiles. We have a team of expert marble workers, operators, and finishers, as well as cutting-edge numerical-control machinery. Our greatest asset is without doubt the Waterjet, an extraordinary high-pressure cutting machine that uses a pump to pressurise water and shoot it out continuously. The cutting head transforms this into a supersonic waterjet that can reach up to three times the speed of sound.

The Dynamic XD waterjet system is revolutionary in that it combines 2D cutting with a 3D function, offering unbeatable standards in terms of precision, speed, and flexibility that are not attainable with just any old Waterjet. This technology allows us to create curves and cuts at inclines of up to 60° and produce complex 3D sections.

The abrasive waterjet system ensures that the material maintains its original appearance and strength, as it is not subjected to any stresses deriving from heat or contact. The extremely slender cutting area also allows pieces to fit together perfectly.

In addition to natural and artificial stone, it is also possible to use this technology to cut the new generation of large-format, ultra-thin ceramic tiles to perfection. These are being used in both the construction and furnishing industries with increasing regularity.

Both everyday people and industry professionals such as architects, interior designers, kitchen designers, and craftspeople of all types will be able to indulge their creative sides and let their imaginations run wild. Because no matter what you design, the Waterjet can cut it.