Main showroom

On 1 October, we opened our completely renovated main showroom.
We selected some of the best and most renowned eco-friendly companies in Italy, Spain, and Germany to showcase. We display a vast range of first-rate products, which have been chosen according to stringent criteria spanning technical attributes, quality, aesthetics, and current trends.
We display a range of ceramics including both standard formats and stunning ultra-thin XXL tiles (300 x 150 cm), while the mosaics section is sure to wow visitors with its vast selection of colours and artistic mosaic ideas. In addition to its mosaics, the Bisazza brand also features a range of interesting new product lines such as cementiles and wooden “tiles”, which are bound to get those creative juices flowing.
Another section is dedicated to technical materials for outdoor spaces, including façade coverings. We also have a range of the most common natural stone sourced locally, nationally, and indeed internationally. One of our most popular products is our granite from local valleys (such as Gneis Onsernone and white marble from Peccia), Vals quartzite, travertine, Carrara marble, and so on.

Natural stone showroom

We absolutely adore natural stone, to the extent that we’ve decided to dedicate a special space to this material. It’s the only showroom of its kind in Ticino and is sure to wow visitors. We can give you a sneak peek at what it’s all about thanks to our virtual tour, but we’d love for you to drop in and touch the undisputed stars of the show with your own hands.

The types of stone we have chosen – picked from an infinite number of possibilities hailing from all over the world – are unique, stupendous works of art gifted to us by nature!

Natural and artificial stones